Forms & Files

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Name Description
Page_white_acrobat Rule Book English
Page_white_word Blizzard Bowl 2013 2013 Blizzard Bowl Registration Form
Page_white_acrobat Livre de r├Ęglements
Page_white_acrobat Touch Football Canada Rulebook
Page_white_acrobat Livre de r├Ęglements
Page_white_camera 2019 Champs 2019 BTFL Champions
Page_white 2020 Awards 2020 BTFL Awards
Page_white BTFL 2015 Champions Tiger Cats vs Roughriders
Page_white_camera Blizzard Bowl Logo
Page_white_acrobat BTFL Open Tournament Details Details on the first annual BTFL Open cash tournament
Page_white 2014 HOF Champions Argos vs Roughriders
Page_white_camera Ottawa Redblacks RB
Page_white BTFL Champions 2016
Page_white_camera Blizzard Bowl 2017
Page_white_camera 2021 BTFL Champions Riders defeat Tiger-Cats 28-13
Page_white_camera 2022 Champions
Page_white 2017 Champions

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.